Amazing Places to Visit in Your New Town

When you first move to a new town, the idea of reorienting yourself to a new location can be a little scary. You already know where everything is and how to get around in your old town, but now you are figuratively a fish out of water trying to find yourself. But don’t panic or despair! One of the best things to do as you learn the places to go in your new town is to start with a small circle and then gradually move out, not just in terms of location but also in terms of importance. Here’s where to start:

  • Your Neighborhood — One of the first people you will want to meet in a new town are your new neighbors. Just get over your shyness and knock on their door and introduce yourself. It doesn’t have to be a long conversation. Just tell them who you are and see where the talk takes you. This way, you have a resource to learn more about the town and also find out about kids in the neighborhood if you have children as well that will be looking for new playmates. Also, take an evening stroll around your neighborhood and make note of the streets. GPS can be a wonderful thing, but you still need to be familiar with the roads in your own neighborhood.
  • Grocery Store, Farmer’s Market and Pharmacy — Your next stop should be more for essentials. You are going to need to stock up on food and other supplies and, if your prescriptions are running low, you will need to know where you can go to get them filled. If your town has a farmer’s market, this will be a great place to get fresh food, but also to make more connections with locals as you shop and browse the stalls.
  • Library — Libraries get a bad reputation as being outdated or passé. But the truth is, they can be the hub for communities. Many libraries post bulletin boards of community events and festivals. Also, many people will post information about clubs and workshops that are coming up. This is a great way to not only get useful information, but also to meet new people.
  • Restaurants — Here, Yelp and other online review sites can be your friend. Check out the reviews for local restaurants and find something that suits your personal tastes and style. But then, venture out to try something new as well. Never had Indian food? This would be a great time to give the cuisine a try. At first, steer clear of the big chain restaurants. You will learn a lot more about your community trying local establishments, be it a gourmet restaurant or a “hole-in-the-wall dive” diner.
  • Church, Religious Center, Community Center — Spend a little time researching the local religious community to find a place of worship that is best for you and your family. These locations are also a great way to get involved in the community and sign-up for courses and clubs. If you are looking to get connected, this is a great idea. If you are not religious, you can still get the same benefits from a local community center or recreation center.

The bottom line for any new resident of an area is to start small and then branch out. Pick a weekend after you move in and set it aside for exploring. You will be amazed what types of places you find right off the beaten path. If you are considering a long distance move – get a free moving estimate from Canadian Easy Moving.