An American’s Guide to Hiring Long Distance Movers in Canada

Centuries ago, people often were born, lived, and died within about a ten mile radius of the same spot.  No one even thought about moving to the other end of a town, much less to another country.  But times have definitely changed and today people are incredible mobile.  Spurred on by the global economy, many people are now immigrating to new countries for business reasons.  If you are an American looking to move up north and join us in Canada, here are some things you should know about hiring long distance movers in Canada.

cdnFlagCustomized Long Distance Moving Plans

Unfortunately, not ever moving job is a “one size fits all” type of assignment.  Each move is different and comes with its own headaches and challenges.  That is why you should find a moving company with a variety of moving plans to suit your particular needs.  If you plan to move a lot of the small stuff yourself and just need a company for the big things, or if you have some unusual items like a grand piano that needs special care, then a customized moving plan is something you are going to want from your movers.  Some of the individual services that you should look for are:

  • Supplies—Most reputable movers will provide the supplies themselves including boxes, hand-trucks, wrapping and tape, as well as padding for the truck.
  • Disassembly/Reassembly—Do you have large pieces of furniture or other appliances that need to be taken apart and put back together when you reach the destination?  Then definitely check about this option.
  • Paperwork Assistance—An international move requires a lot of paperwork including customs duties and the like.  See if your moving company offers assistance with making sure all the papers are in place before you try to cross the border.
  • Unpacking—One of the biggest issues with any move is the horrors of unpacking when you are done.  Some movers will offer the option of unpacking you as well.
  • Storage—With international moves, sometimes it is necessary to store items until a shipping truck or plane can be arranged to make the last, long haul to your destination.  See what options the moving company has and be sure that they use secure storage areas.
  • Debris Removal—A move also generates a lot of trash:  empty boxes, discarded wrapping materials, torn tape.  See if your company will assist with the removal or if you are on the hook for this cleanup yourself.

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