De-Clutter and De-Stress

Clear Out the Clutter to Get Ready for Moving Day!

Most of us have a little clutter, or even a lot. It might be lingering on all the kitchen counters or hidden away in all of your hallway closets. Nevertheless, clutter is bound to be lingering somewhere in your home. What does clutter add to our lives, other than stress? Not much, it turns out. If anything, clutter saps us of our time, our money, and our energy.
When we add stuff to our physically cluttered lives, we tend to add more stress as well. Having a cluttered home can be yet another stress factor in and already stressful and exhausting life. The visual cue of all the work that needs to happen to organize and clear the clutter becomes overwhelming. Moreover, the thought of having people over is stressful and embarrassing, and all too often requires a lot of prep work.

Home should be your haven, not your hovel.

While some clutter is normal, excessive clutter is just not realistic. How much is too much? Ask yourself some important questions: Can you tidy up in fifteen minutes or less for guests? Can you usually find what you are looking for without having to dig through piles? And most importantly, when you walk in the door does your home feel inviting and relaxing?
Many articles discuss the how to’s on de-cluttering. Once you have tackled the clutter, room by room and drawer by drawer, consider keeping yourself on a schedule to stay organized. Giving yourself at least fifteen minutes a day can help keep your home put together. And allowing a once a week deep cleaning is important to uphold a clean house.

Keeping a to-do list can help maintain a clean house. Consider some basic rules, such as the one-touch rule; when you sort your mail, immediately file it, recycle it or put in the proper place to be addressed later (such as a bill). Watch out for your hot spots, where your clutter tends to accumulate.

Create a designated location for your items and begin the practice of putting your things away, every single day. Knowing where the bills are ensures they are never lost and always paid on time. Knowing exactly where your tennis shoes are means you can get out the door that much faster.

Keeping a clean home not only keeps the clutter out of our lives, but out of our minds as well.

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