Hate Moving? You’re not the only one… Five Reasons Moving is AWFUL

unpackingGuideMoving is one of the most stressful occurrences in your lifetime, right up there next to divorce or the death of a loved one. Considering the average person moves more than ten times in a lifetime, this stress repeats itself over and over with each move from house to house. Oftentimes, there are good reasons to dislike a move. Here are the top five:

1)     Your original estimate from your moving company came in way under the actual price and now your moving company wants you to pay more money. Now. In cash. Moreover, they will not deliver your goods until you pay up. If you choose the wrong moving company, it is possible they will hold your house hostage – an all too common moving scam. When you get your initial estimate, shop around with at least three companies, and work with someone that can come to your home and provide an in-home estimate. Get your estimate in writing. If the quoted price sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

2)     Despite your best intentions to carefully pack each item before the moving truck arrives, when you open boxes at your new home you find that mirrors are broken, china is chipped, and your antique vase is beyond repair. Belongings are bound to be broken or damaged en route to the final destination. The best way to avoid this is to cushion your boxes and wrap each item separately. Prepare the box as if it were to be tossed around by a freight company to ensure that you really have your fragile goods protected. Consider buying double the amount of bubble wrap you think you need. You can never have too much!

3)     What is worse than finding broken items after a move? Not finding some of your belongings at all. Unfortunately, boxes go missing and things get lost in the shuffle. While a Good Samaritan might try to track you down if they come across your box in their delivery of household goods, you should consider that a rare ending to the story. The best way to prepare for a 100% successful move is to inventory, inventory, inventory. Keep track of items as they leave the house and track them again as they come off the truck and into your new home. A reputable moving company will tag each item with a color-coded number for your belongings and keep an inventory list. This should not be optional and is especially important on long distance relocations, as your boxes will very likely be sharing space on the moving truck with another household.

4)     Dealing with all of your stuff is overwhelming. Especially if you realize that you do not need all these items in your home or you do not really use them at all. Moving is a horrible reminder of any hoarding tendencies you may have but a great time to purge and donate, recycle or sell off anything you do not need to move to your new home.

5)     The paperwork details of moving are a job in and of itself. Registering for a new license, forwarding mail, changing your address for magazine subscriptions, updating friends and family of your new location, and setting up all new utilities is a lengthy and detailed task. The good news is that once you have completed your moving administrative duties, you will not have to do them again. That is until you move the next time.

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