House Cleaning Tips before Moving Day

housecleaningWhether you are moving out or just moving in – a thorough clean of your home is necessary. It’s time to get down to business with intensive cleaning that may leave you pooped but will make your home look spotless. To avoid cleaning fatigue, spread your cleaning tasks out over a week or more, tackling one area of the house on each day. You’ll surely have pain points — those little things that have always bothered you and now you have time to fix — but be sure to tackle these house cleaning musts.

1. Walls

Dust, grease and oil can coat your walls and, if you’ve got kids, you know how streaky fingerprints can line a wall. Spring cleaning marks the perfect time to deep clean those walls. Dust your walls first with a duster or dust rag; if you skip this step and move straight to cleaning, you risk smearing dust around the walls. After you’ve dusted, use an all-purpose cleaner or degreaser to wipe the walls from top to bottom.

2. Floors

Wood, linoleum and carpet — no matter what you’ve got, it all needs to be cleaned. Sweep and mop wood and linoleum floors with a cleaning solution. For carpets, vacuuming and shampooing or steam cleaning should do the trick. After a long, grimy winter, consider calling in the professionals to clean the carpets in your home. Carpet cleaning coupons can help you save on this spring cleaning must.

3. Ventilation systems check

You may forget about your home’s ventilation systems because you don’t see them, but neglect in this area can have a big impact on the very air you breathe. If you use air conditioners, air purifiers, humidifiers or heaters, replace the filters that screen the air. Doing so will make the air in your home cleaner and safer and helps ensure your systems are working properly. If you have old equipment, consider upgrading to energy-efficient ventilation systems to save money when you operate the devices.

4. Upholstery

Curtains, window treatments, sofas and chairs accumulate grime, dust and debris. Follow the instructions on your upholstery when cleaning. Some items, such as curtains, may be machine-washable. Clean metal or vinyl blinds with a solution of warm water and dish soap and wipe wood blinds with a damp cloth. Steam cleaning, which uses steam heat to kill bacteria, may be a viable option for sofas, curtains and chairs.

5. Exterior cleaning

Spring is a great time to clean out gutters and downspouts that are clogged so they can function properly and prevent in-home flooding. It’s a good time of year to power-wash your driveway, patio or deck; scrub window screens with a solution of warm water and dish soap; and wash the interior and exterior of doors and windows.

6. Storage

Use spring cleaning as an ideal time to review clutter in your basement, attic, cellar or garage. Consider donating items you have not used in a year to a thrift store or charity, holding a yard sale or passing items on via a service like Freecycle.

Deep cleaning doesn’t have to be boring. Decompress while you clean by playing fun music or listening to an audio book and take breaks when you need to. When you finish, your home will be a clean and pleasant-smelling reminder that all the work was worth it.

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