How to Boost Your Home Value without Breaking the Bank

boostHomeValueSpring is usually thought of as the beginning of “moving season” as more and more people break out of the winter doldrums and begin looking around at realestate and other homes in the area. If you are thinking about moving and listing your home for sale this spring, then there are some things you need to think about that can boost the value of your home. But don’t despair; these home fixes won’t empty your bank account in the process.

Start in the Kitchen and Bathrooms—Most modern homeowners are looking for a comfortable and appealing kitchen and spacious and modern bathrooms as the first step in choosing a home. From family dinners to entertaining, the kitchen will be one of the most used rooms in a home. The same goes for the bathroom, as it will be central for homeowners and guests alike. So this is where you should start as well. First, think about neutral accents. Upgrade your hardware and especially update your faucets to make your rooms look new and fresh. In the bathroom, add new sinks, change out the lighting fixtures, and redo the grout around the tub.

Paint the House—Put some fresh paint up, but be sure to use neutral tones that will not be too stark for your prospective buyers. Many people would rather change the paint themselves if it is neutral rather than paint over a shockingly bright color that they do not care for. In addition, painting the whole house in one color will give the feel that the house is larger and more expansive because the rooms will blend more into one collective whole. Consider a white or off-white paint color when updating the home.

Light Accent Colors—Even though the single neutral tone will draw the whole house together and make it look larger and more cohesive, you still want to add a small splash of color to give it some personality. For instance, if you use all white linens in the bedroom, throw in an accent color of green. Nothing bold or neon should be used. But a nice light splash of color will help tremendously.

Blank Slate—The final piece of the puzzle is depersonalizing the environment. Do this to give the house a blank slate feeling to it. You want your potential new homeowners to picture themselves in the environment with their own style and décor. Take out any personal photos and clear the clutter from the home as much as possible. If you have a lot of furniture, put it into storage so that the home looks larger and more open to redecorating. Increase the wattage of your light fixtures with new bulbs so that dark spaces in the home are lessened. Eliminate as many clothes as possible from the closets to make them look more spacious. Finally, throw in some fresh flower arrangements and a neutral deodorizing spray to give the home the last touch of style and simplicity.

We hope you enjoyed these quick tips to help get your home sold fast. When you are packed up and ready to move out – be sure to trust an expert relocation company with your belongings. Contact us today for a free quote for your next move or relocation. (We proudly move families throughout Vancouver, British Columbia and across Canada)