How To Get Your Big Couch Through a Tiny Door

sofaIf you have ever had to move from one location to another, then you know about all of the hard work that goes into this endeavor. From the planning to the packing to the rigorous and exhaustive physical labor of actually moving, the whole process can take quite a toll on a person. But one of the most frustrating parts of the process is when you have a huge couch, precariously hefted up to chest level, straining to get it through a tiny door, only to realize that it won’t fit. So how do you get past this age-old moving conundrum? Here are some tips for doing just that.

Don’t Go Head On—One of the easiest (and most commonly) used tricks is to go in at an angle. By moving the couch this way, you slide it in a piece at a time and take out the dimensional trouble of trying to shove a five-foot wide couch through a four-foot wide door.

Get Creative—If the angle approach doesn’t work, you are going to have to get creative. Try making the doorway just a little bit bigger. How? By taking the door off its hinges. The removal of the hinges will give you a few extra inches of space and usually that is all the space that you need for that final push to get the furniture in your house. If that doesn’t work, try making the couch smaller. This can be accomplished by taking the legs off the couch (provided your couch has removable legs). If it does, remove them and then turn the couch on its side and see if you can fit it through. A final option in this area might be to try both options simultaneously. Getting rid of the door from the doorway and removing the legs should give you a good clearance to get the couch through the frame.

Try Another Route—Do you have another door to the house that is larger than the front door? Perhaps the entrance through the garage could be used to get the couch through. If that doesn’t work, maybe you can look for a double window that could be opened and the screen covering removed. It will be a pain to hoist the couch up through the window frame, but it may be your best move.

Call in the Experts—We have a staff that can disassemble a couch, walk it through the door, and then reassemble it in your home for you. Contact us for a free consultation!