Online Guide to Moving

moving-guide-onlineAs anyone who has ever moved will attest, one of the keys to moving is the ability to stay organized and keep focused on all of the details of the move.  Labels, checklists, packing lists:  these are all the tools of the organized mover.  But in the technological age that we live in, there are many online tools that can help you with getting and staying organized.  Here is a sampling of some of the best of these:

Labels—There are some awesome websites that will help you with labeling your boxes efficiently so that you can make sure everything gets moved into the proper rooms and so you can actually find stuff when you get to your new home.  HomeExpo has numerous pre-designed labels organized by each room of your home.  You can also customize the labels for any miscellaneous or special needs that you may have when it comes time to move.  These can then be printed and simply affixed to your moving boxes.  The Maestro Label Designer ( also allows you to print customized labels, including personalized text and clip art.

Checklists—Many moving companies feature resources for moving on their website’s homepage.  One of the best is from the Mayflower Moving Company that features an interactive guide to moving.  (You must register with the site in order to use this function, but it is worth it.)  This site offers a great checklist for moving including many of the things you may not remember such as changing your address with your bank and service provider.  The website will also e-mail you reminders before you move so that you can stay on target.

Calendars—If you prefer to view the whole moving process as a calendar event, try OneSimpleMove.  This site allows you to create a moving calendar and then fill in each day with events and tasks that you should complete to keep on track for the move.  The site will also send out e-mail reminders to help prod you when an assignment is due.

Finding a Mover—There are numerous websites that provide you with information for moving companies in your area.  These include:

  • Craigslist
  • Pods
  • U-Haul

Reviews—Reviews are an invaluable way to let others know about your moving experience with a specific company.  Review websites and groups vary, but these are arguably the best that are out there:

  • Better Business Bureau
  • MoveHop
  • Mover Reviews
  • My Moving Reviews
  • Yelp

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