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We are a full-service, long distance moving company, proudly serving all the provinces and territories across Canada. As the preferred long-distance and relocation movers for Vancouverites old and new, we have served a countless number of clients throughout Canada. Our company, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, has been operating since 1979. For more than thirty years, we have worked with customers both near and far. Whether your relocation takes you from Ontario to Ottawa or from Halifax to Calgary, we aim to make this the easiest transport of your home that you and your family have ever had! We have teamed with North American Van Lines - a well-respected nationwide full service moving company - so that we can give our customers the best price and best service for long distance relocation needs.

Imagine a Stress Free Moving Day

When you work with us, you will get a qualified and experienced team that works to ensure all your relocation needs are met. We aim to make your move as easy and stress free as possible for every person, and every item, in your home. We understand that your home has a lifetime of irreplaceable memories and precious belongings. Whether it is grandma's antique hutch, dad's classic pool table, or mom's designer shoes, all of our movers work with the upmost care on safely transferring your goods. With a fully insured and bonded taskforce, our team members have all been on the job for a minimum of five years and are fully trained in best moving practices. With an extensive fleet of vehicles, every one of our trucks arrives at your home fully equipped with furniture blankets, truck ramps, and carrier-dollies to help efficiently and safely transport all of your items. Moving day can be tough and stressful. Having a crew of skilled movers with the right equipment for the job, and experience in properly packing household items and moving trucks, will ensure that your relocation is managed in the most swift and productive manner possible. From the first box to the last box, and from your old front door to your new front door, we ensure that your household is transported with your total confidence and our complete care.


Whether your going from the maritimes to the west coast, or from the capital to the territories, our movers will make this your easiest move yet!

Relocation & Long Distance Movers

When you are looking to hire a professional mover, we highly recommend obtaining three estimates from different companies. Review their services, policies, pricing, prior client testimonials, and business ratings. Our movers hold excellent ratings with the Better Business Bureau, as well as the Canadian Association of Movers, with good references and great customer reviews. We are so sure of our services and affordable pricing that we can offer price comparisons. If you find a better rate, please let us know! With our top-notch reputation and deep Canadian roots, we know our team is the right choice for your household and residential long distance relocation ​

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