Household Furniture Storage Facility in Vancouver

We operate one of the largest household and furniture storage facilities in Vancouver. Our storage facility is located in south surrey with close proximity to White Rock, Langley and Burnaby. We have over 20,000 square feet of secure heated storage.

Long Term & Short Term Storage in Surrey

If you are moving, and need a place to store your household goods and furniture, our Surrey storage facility offers economy long term storage and short term storage. Whether you need to move out of your current home while waiting for a new home to be built - or you have sold your home, and must move out before you have found a new home to move to our full service secure storage facility can meet all your needs.

When your belongings arrive at our storage facility we load them into storage crates. With 20,000 square feet of storage space, climate-controlled facilities, and enhanced security, our surrey storage facility provide our customers with the comfort knowing their belongings are safe and protected.

Crescent Moving and Storage
Long term and short term full service furniture storage in South Surrey BC.
19074 22 Ave

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Short Term Storage Facility in British Columbia

If you are in the midst of moving to a new home and need a place to store your furniture and belongings for a few days or weeks - we offer economy storage solutions. Our movers will carefully pack and move all of your furniture into our secure storage facility until you are ready to move to your new home. At that time, we will schedule the time for our movers to bring all of your stored furniture and household goods and move you into your new home. How easy is that?


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