Survival Guide for a Long Distance Marriage

There is nothing harder than finding out you or your spouse has to relocate for work. Whether you have been married for six months or twenty years, the idea of living apart can be upsetting and the thought of managing a long distance marriage can be unsettling. While there might be excitement at the professional or personal opportunity for the moving spouse, it takes a little extra effort to keep the marriage long on love. Here are some tips to get you started on surviving the distance:

  • It is a marathon, not a race: This separation of cities and spouses should have an end in sight. Most likely, it will not be a short separation, nor should it be without end. If there is no definite end date in sight, then someone needs to make a more permanent move to bridge the gap between you two.
  • Find your Face time: Skype and other web based video chat programs are important in keeping face time with one another. This may be the only way you can truly see one another for some time and it will help kids feel more connected if mom or dad is far away (bedtime stories from afar make it all the better too!).
  • Plan your communications: If there is a major time difference between the two of you, try to plan on how you can best communicate. It might mean lots of emails and text messages during the week and long, lengthy chats by phone on the weekends. Perhaps you will even write each other long distance love letters, the old-fashioned way.
  • Strategize your finances: One of the touchiest subjects in a marriage can be finances. Sit down together before the move and clearly outline who is responsible for what. Budget in extra phone minutes or a heftier phone contract, travel plans to see one another, and expenses for shipping gifts to one another.
  • Call for backup: Both spouses need friends or family in their respective cities to keep them company in the darker hours. Try to plan to be together for holidays and let your friends treat you to a day out on your birthday. Have emergency contacts on hand, in case you need help with a sick kid, car emergency or other situation where you would normally call on your spouse for help. You may even need to consider hiring professionals to help with some of the household tasks if you are not up to handling the duties on your own – just be sure to add that expense into your budget.
  • Cultivate your interests: Your spouse does not like your hobby or some of your interests? Now is the perfect time to dive into that knitting project, photography class or television series. Take advantage of the extra free time you will have to work on something you enjoy.
  • When you do finally see one another, plan for time alone. Friends and extended family can wait while the two of you reacquaint with one another. If you have kids, let them each have one on one time with your spouse as well.

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