Ten Feng Shui Rules for Every Home

feng-shui-in-VancouverWhether you rent or you own your residence, you can change the energy and aura of your home in many ways. Using the ancient art of feng shui, the Chinese practice of placing your belongings to harmonize your home, can positively increase the home in which you and your loved ones reside. Here are ten practical solutions to applying feng shui to your space.

1)     Your entrance is an important space, both physically and visually. Your walkway up to your home should be well lit and free from clutter, trash, or overgrown landscaping. Your front door should be well marked and the entrance area inside your home should not have any obstacles in the way. While mirrors are good for directing energy throughout the home, do not use one directly in front of a door as it could re-direct the positive energy back out of the home.

2)     Once inside the home, the spaces should flow well from one room to the next. Try to minimize sharp corners that point to where someone might be sitting or resting. Using furniture to direct the flow of foot traffic can be helpful in guiding energy through your rooms.

3)     Lighting should be natural, soft, and not overly bright. Dark corners can benefit from small table lamps or candles to bring light to the space.

4)     Water and plants can help keep energy, or chi, moving throughout the home. Just avoid thorny or sharp plants and keep your water feature running at a calming speed.

5)     Consider the placement of furniture from the perspective of using the tables and chairs. If your back is to a wall, you will feel secure, as opposed to having your back exposed to a front door, open window, or different room. Keep your bed placed securely against a wall and do not position it beneath windows.

6)     Select your homes paint colors with care. If renting, consider the color of your furnishings. Consulting a feng shui color chart can help you determine the best focus of your home’s color energy: red is said to be lucky, but due to the vibrancy may not be as relaxing as a nature color, such as green or blue. Try to keep calming colors in your sleeping areas especially.

7)     Keep your sleeping area separate from your working area. Putting a desk into your bedroom to work at from home is not ideal – leave the office work at the office, ideally. Alternatively, use a different space in the house to work after hours from home.

8)     Fix what is broken as quickly as possible. This is especially true with drawers, windows, water faucets and toilets, doors, and stairs. Broken items can restrict the flow of good energy throughout the house, and certainly make you frustrated every time you encounter them as well.

9)     Keep your spaces tidy and free from clutter. Certainly, a junk drawer is permitted. Nevertheless, stacks of old magazines, piles of kid’s artwork, and clean laundry at the end of the bed will not bring harmony to your space. Designate a spot for everything to be put away. Getting family members to put their shoes and jackets away when they enter the home will be a good first step in creating tidiness and promoting calmness in the homes.

10)  Walk through each room in your home at least once a day. Animals are said to bring good energy to a house, especially cats, as they move throughout the rooms and keep the air from remaining stagnant in one room for too long.


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