Top 10 Most Common Moving Blunders

Top 10 Blunders during your move

During your life, you will probably move several times. (Americans alone average approximately eleven moves in a lifetime.) However, even with all of these moves, many people still make the same mistakes each and every time. That is why these are a list of the most common blunders so that you will know how not to make these missteps.
Blunder #1—Not researching your moving company
One of the biggest mistakes when moving is simply not doing your homework. Too many people just type in “local moving company” into a search engine and go with the first one that pops up (or the cheapest). Instead, find out if the local governing body has licensed the company and if they have a clean slate with the local Better Business Bureau. Find out if they are bonded as well. This can save you a big headache later on.
Blunder #2—Not using free supplies
Convenience costs money. If you purchase moving boxes and packing paper, they will cost you. Instead, look for free resources like boxes that can be found at local liquor shops or grocery stores. Also, ask friends and family for old newspapers that you can use for packing materials.
Blunder #3—Not properly using large boxes
Many people try to save boxes by packing as much stuff as they possibly can into them. Unfortunately, this can be a real pain in the back when you try to lift these heavy packages. Instead, use smaller boxes that will be less cumbersome when you go to move.
Blunder #4—Not measuring your new home’s doorways
If you are moving large pieces of furniture, be sure to measure the entryways for your new home. One of the worst moving experiences in the world is having a couch or a washer and dryer set that won’t fit through the doorway.
Blunder #5—Not packing safely
There are some items that should not be packed. If something is corrosive or flammable, it can be dangerous to pack and move them. Consider if it would not be beneficial to just throw out these items and buy new when you move in.
Blunder #6—Not keeping up with paperwork
Another major blunder is not keeping up with paperwork like the bill of lading. Sit down with the movers and create and organized list of what is being moved and what the condition of the items are so that you are covered if something is lost or damaged. If you don’t keep up with the paperwork, you will have no way of proving your claim if you have to make one.
Blunder #7—Not labeling all of your boxes
Be sure to label all of the boxes fully. Include the destination for each box and the items in each one. This way, they will not be put in the wrong room and you will be able to find whatever item you need before you unbox all of the items. Once you have everything packed, label the boxes as “Kitchen 1 of 9” and so on so that you can be sure to have all of your boxes delivered.
Blunder #8—Not knowing tax rules
Some items used in a move can be tax deductible. Be sure to research these with your tax agency and hold on to receipts that will be necessary for your claim when it comes to filing your taxes.
Blunder #9—Not taking care of your movers
Your movers are willing to work harder (and faster) for you if you take care of them. Be sure to provide snacks and drinks for them so that they can stay hydrated and happy. Also, be sure to buy them lunch. An investment in something like pizza can actually save you money as they will be willing to work harder and save you time on the move itself.
Blunder #10—Not formally changing your address
Don’t forget to let the postal service know about your new address. If you get to your new home and your mail doesn’t follow, it is going to cause you serious problems, particularly when your bills don’t arrive and they go unpaid.
These are just a few of the top errors that people make when they are moving. Make sure that you think through each one of these and follow them closely so that you don’t make the same mistakes over and over.

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