The Unpacking Guide: Quick & Easy Ways to Settle In After Moving

Now that you have gone through the tedious process of packing up your home, hiring a professional moving companies when relocating into your new residence you might find yourself with just one more monumental task. Unpacking. When it comes time to open your boxes and unwrap the furniture, it is best to follow some simple rules to be effective in your efforts and create an organized space.

  • - Plan your rooms before the move: If you have access to your new space and you can measure and draft a floor plan, it will make the process easier when deciding where to place your furniture and put your boxes on move in day. Try to abide by the rule, touch twice and move once!
  • - Follow the label: If a box is designated for the kitchen, then it needs to go directly to the kitchen without stopping along the way. Every box that comes into the house needs to go directly to the room the contents belong in. Leaving boxes in the wrong room opens the temptation for you to ignore a box and leave it closed.
  • - One box and one room: Plan to tackle just one room at a time. Moving through the house in a methodical manner will give you a greater sense of accomplishment as you see your new home come together. As boxes are unpacked and items put away, be sure to break down the boxes and discard of your packing materials. Keep trash bags, cleaning products, and rags handy so you can clean as you go. Proceed box by box until the room is unpacked.
  • - Enlist the help of friends or family: Whether grandma is watching the kids or your neighbor is putting your plates away, having a couple extra helping hands as you unpack will make the work progress much faster. Just be sure to task your organized friend with deciding which cupboards your kitchen items will go in, and leave your creative friend to helping with a room that does not need to be quite as well thought-out.
  • - Give it time, but not too much: Try to plan for a couple days of unpacking and give it your all. As time passes and your family gets back to work and school, leaving a pile of boxes in the basement becomes far too easy.
  • - Prioritize your needs: We all know that moving can be an exhausting endeavor. It is best to start with unpacking the bedrooms so that at the very least, you can get a good night sleep. Kids especially enjoy having a space that is settled and welcoming to retreat to as their new home comes together. Next, work on the kitchen and then move on to the living room, office and play spaces.
  • - Leave it to the professionals: When all else fails, leave it to the professionals to do your unpacking for you. It is as simple as walking into your new house, kicking back in your living room, and immediately feeling at home.