The Upside of Downsizing

If you have to downsize because you can’t afford your mortgage or you need to save some extra money, it can be a blessing in disguise. A smaller home does not have to feel cramped, and the word “cozy” does not have to evoke images of family members squeezing into a too-tight house. Downsizing is a great opportunity to get rid of all that stuff that has been weighing you down for years. You’ll find you don’t need as much as you thought you did, and you’ll feel freer when everything has a place of its own.

The Closets

closetsIf you’re moving into a smaller place, the first place to begin organizing is your closets. This is the time to purge. If you haven’t worn a particular article of clothing in a year, get rid of it. Your skinny jeans from college aren’t going to fit you again. Donate them or add them to your yard sale pile. Persuade your family members to purge anything that doesn’t fit, whether it is too big or too small. Making more closet space is the first step in controlling your clutter.

The Kitchen

When you’re organizing the kitchen, consider how much you really use each appliance. Anything you use less than once a month can be donated, unless it’s a specialty item that you really can’t do without. You love your micro-torch, and it’s quite impressive when you have company. But then again, should you really be eating crème brulée? You will make room in your cabinets so everything can be put away. Have you ever noticed how much bigger your kitchen looks when your appliances are not crowding your counter tops?


booksWith almost everything available electronically, do you really need to hold onto your old books? Are you keeping them for sentimental value or have you just never gotten around to throwing them away? Again, making room on your bookshelves means that there is a place for everything to be put away.


If your kids have mountains of toys that they rarely play with, go through them and pick out their favorites. Put the rest in a box. Find out if your friends would be willing to exchange toys with you so you can get rid of some of yours. You’ll be able to get rid of them when your kids get bored with them and you won’t have to store them in your attic. If your kids are hesitant to get rid of any of their toys, explain to them that this is the only way they are going to get new ones.  Then they may be more excited to part with the toys that are taking up so much space in the living room.


Create a space to collect mail, bills, and other paperwork. Go through it every night so it doesn’t pile up. Shred sensitive materials and file others. If you have your bills emailed to you, you won’t have to spend hours organizing your paperwork. Set yourself up to pay bills online or have them automatically drafted from your bank account. You’ll have less clutter in your home, and you will help the environment too.

The upside of this down economy is truly that we are learning what is really meaningful—and more importantly what is not.  Family, friends, a comfy bed, your furry trusting companion and the comfort of food in the pantry, a pretty container garden on the balcony with fresh tomatoes and lettuce, dangling your feet in the water, the smell of a real freshly cut Christmas tree.  Whatever it is that is vital to your sense of well being, it’s definitely not that designer dress in the downtown window.  So, get your wits about you and go find your passion again.

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