Vancouver Small Space Transformers

micro houseAn increase in the growth of micro housing and miniature condominiums in Vancouver means a decrease for just how much furniture a resident can live with in these increasingly popular spaces. So how does one live, work, entertain and sleep in just a few hundred square feet? Enter transformable furniture pieces that can easily transform and expand the use of a space in minutes.

The Vancouver brother duo of Adam and Jared Joubert of Expand Furniture are one example of a new company that has set out to create multifunctional pieces that are changing spaces across British Columbia and beyond. The young entrepreneurs set out to contribute to the growing trend of micro living. With combined experience in living in micro housing and trying to maximize a small living space, they have set out to create inviting spaces that are efficient and full of value.

What looks like a sitting area and coffee table with bookshelf can easily convert into a dining table and fold-down bed. Effortless mechanisms make the transition from one function to another possible with just the lift of a finger. When you look closely, some items often have unique ways to integrate separate furniture pieces; the Ludovico Office from Expand Furniture is an ingenious filing cabinet to desk furniture piece that integrates the chair directly into the cabinet itself. That is right, the chair tucks right into the filing cabinet when not in use – an incredible small space design.

These space saving solutions are not just limited to micro housing units, as they offer space saving solutions for homes of any size. A spare bedroom can easily convert from sofa lounge to guest bed for when friends and family come to visit. Moreover, kids sharing bedrooms might find fold-down bunk beds the perfect solution to maximizing floor space during the daytime toy playing hours.

Even though these furniture pieces often carry a higher price tag than traditional counterparts do, their functionality alone brings a high value. As few as two furniture pieces can truly provide living, working, and entertaining needs in one small space. Together with a console table turned dining table, a living space can easily transform from office to dinner party for eight.

Functional and transforming furniture pieces can make small living spaces big. With square footage at a premium, efficiency and flow is key for all possible uses and needs of the space. These flexible pieces make living in a one-room residence truly manageable.

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