Vancouver vs. Calgary: Which City is better?

calgary_winterThinking of moving? Trying to decide between Calgary and Vancouver? One BC local explains the difference between the two cities.

Sports: Let’s face it – Hockey rules in Canada. Whether you are a Vancouver Canucks fan or a Calgary Flames fan, you certainly have a team to root for in either city. But when it comes time to move to Vancouver, you need to know that your new home team plays at Rogers Arena – although many people still refer to it as “The Garage” – and you will be sporting blue, green, silver and white at games.

Weather: Calgary has colder winters than Vancouver does, but chinooks break them up. Chinooks can create a large increase in temperature, taking a winter morning to a spring like afternoon quickly. Calgary has many sunny days and summer days are hot, but cool off quickly at night due to the altitude. Vancouver is not as cold as Calgary and has a more moderate ocean climate, allowing for less snow in the winter. The rainy season from October to March is generally offset by a drier summer period. Altogether, Vancouver tends to be greener year round.

Recreational Activities: As the former site of the Winter Olympics in 2010, there is an abundance of recreation opportunities in and around Vancouver. Whistler is just over an hour away for great skiing and ocean, rivers, and mountains in all directions surround the city. In Calgary, Banff is an hour away and while there is no ocean anywhere nearby, there is a sense that you can head out of town in any direction.

Business: While Calgary is known for being at the top of the oil and gas industry in Canada, Vancouver is a big banking hub with substantial business in the import/export industry. If you are in banking or real estate, this is the city for you. There is still a massive diversity of opportunities available in Vancouver and the surrounding areas, and the city continues to grow.

Real Estate: Buying a house anywhere in Canada is an expensive undertaking and in Vancouver, it might be even more so the case when it comes to finding a place to call home. The cost of living in Vancouver is slightly above that of Calgary, which means you just might not get as much house for your money right in the city. Consider venturing a bit further out of metro Vancouver for larger lots and bigger homes. For more information about realestate in Calgary, check out this great Calgary real estate resource

Culture: Vancouver appeals to locals and transplants alike for the more outdoorsy vibe, with an urban feel and a multicultural appeal. Many liken Vancouver to Seattle or San Francisco. Calgary is considered more conservative in comparison. Vancouver welcomes newcomers with ease and overall, it is a beautiful city to live in and surrounds itself with all the best that Mother Nature has to offer.

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