What Every Parent Ought to Know About Moving

Children can find moving a difficult experience. Sure, as adults most of us hate to pack up and move. But kids are completely thrown out of sync by the disruption to their routine and the feeling of security that has been shattered by suddenly not calling their old house “Home.”

That’s why parents need to be especially sensitive of young children when planning and executing a move to a new home. Here are ideas to keep in mind if you’re planning to move with children (http://familyshare.com/family/6-tips-to-make-moving-day-seamless-with-kids).

Plan your moving day early

With any move you don’t want to wait to the last minute to start packing. But this is especially true with children. Be as orderly as possible with the move so you can provide the stability the child needs. Also, talk to your child early on and listen to his or her fears and worries about the move so you can ease them.

Reduce unwanted items as you go

Many of us have more “stuff” than we really know what to do with. So as you pack, moving room to room to stay organized, be sure to throw out anything that is broken and donate anything that is good quality but that you know you will never use again. Be sure to give these items away to charities and don’t try to sell them at a yard sale, which can be more trouble than its worth.

Dine out

You don’t want the hassle of having to do dishes the week of the move. It’s usually a good idea to start in the kitchen with packing and then eat out as much as possible the week that you’re moving. If you do this, be sure to let your child pick his or her favorite restaurants, as this will help them feel like it is a really special event.

Get a babysitter the day of the move

The day of the move is going to be really hectic and it may also upset a child to see all of their belongings carted off. That’s why it’s a good idea to find a family member or friend who can watch your children the day of the move and keep them entertained so that they aren’t under foot.

what every parent should know about moving